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The Breakout to $400


May see some fits and starts with weekly option pressure. $400 will be a big test. AAPL always has so many unjust hurdles to move higher.

  • AppleisBroken

    I am slowly starting to give up on Apple Corp. as an investment vehicle. The stock is
    a juggernaut in its space with a valuation that is super low. It has analysts putting wildly optimistic price targets on it every week…targets that will never come to pass. It is very possible that Apple compresses its PE down to 5 or 6, maybe lower. It seems that for Apple a PE of 12-13 is the ceiling and a PE of 4-5 is actually more realistic. It sounds crazy I know but it is the reality of investing in Apple.

    • Hey Apple, I feel your frustration. That’s why I started this site for public view. To show why AAPL trades the way it does and gets beat down. I would love for all this to go away. The day OI correlates to absolutely nothing, is the day I crack the champagne. Keep your head up my friend.

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