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Clockwork Apple

  • Love these videos! Thank you Travis!

  • Ben

    so are we heading lower today? this is depressing

  • Ben

    So do you think we’ll see AAPL go up this week? Test certain levels?

    • I’ll answer when I get my graphs up later today and look at some data.

      • Ben

        Thanks Travis. I have some options calls for AAPL and need to make good on them.hopefully!

  • Casi Mclean

    Great video, Travis. Thank you so much for helping me to understand the dynamic range of AAPL and how the OI influences trading.

  • John2999

    On Wednesday of last week, you posted that “the call option keeps expanding, which is a bullish sign” – yet you contradict that in this video – please explain

    • “03/28/12 (pm) It’s always a bullish sign when the call OI is expanding. It means AAPL can soak up all the shares being sold (qtr end played major factor this week)…..”

      Tuesday night the OI was $615 going into Wed, AAPL went thru that all the way up to $621. So on Wed night I made the comment for future reference and have always said, it’s bullish when OI doesn’t hold AAPL.

      I then went on to say in same comment.

      “I think the call OI stops expanding right here. If that happens to be the case, AAPL will have an extremely tough time staying above $620.”

      The call OI did stop expanding and AAPL did have a tough time and headed straight down from there.

  • Omfs1234

    Thanks, learning so much.

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