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Knowledge of Facts Becomes Power of Advantage


My main point is; do not fear weakness. Take advantage of it, as you know the truth.

  • Jdrizzo89

    good stuff.

    Out of curiosity if you were to buy on fridays, when is traditionally the best time to do so? IE towards the close, 12 noon, open, etc, or do you base that decision based on where OI/max pain is?

    likewise for the selling on Tuesdays. Thanks!

    • It depends where the strikes are, like today we opened away from $600 so off the open would been best. But say we opened at $600, I would have waited to see if the stock dropped.

      On Tuesday/Wed I try and sell at a high OI call strike. When AAPL reaches 1.

  • awake

    thanks for the vid!

  • Roccoz1

    Thanks for shedding light on the situation.
    The question is what do you feel is the best way to play next week?
    Will you get the premium from put spreads and at what strike range should be safe?
    I have some in the 595/590 and 585/580 range now
    Or do you think call spreads be a better way to take advantage of the drop, the premiums aren’t as good., but maybe the chance of hitting a strike will be less?

    • Since this is a monthly, I’m not sure I will personally be doing anything this week as 4 weeks ago I already made my plays when April became the front month. These have been around for 4 weeks now. I have puts sold on $660 strikes from 4 weeks ago. I would need to see Monday trade and what the OI looks like to get a better sense on what a decent weekly play would be.

  • Pc12

    I have May Call options at a cost average of 44.37. Should I hold?

    • I don’t buy too many short dated options. I stick to LEAPS. If I did buy short term options ahead of AAPl’s earnings, I would sell them before they report as a play on high implied volatility only. It would have nothing to do with AAPL’s price action after they report. Trading earnings is tough as anything can happen.

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