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If You Don’t Like Apple, You Would Have Hated Walt Disney


Williams, Pat. How to Be Like Walt -- Pg 158


"Another source of tension: Roy kept pestering Walt to attend stockholder meetings. Walt stubbornly refused. He hated stockholder meetings and consider them a waste of time. But Roy kept pressing, and Walt finally agreed.


Upon entering the room, Walt found himself facing a collection of sober-faced businessman in black suits -- the kind of grim faced, tightfisted capitalist bosses he later satirized in Mary Poppins. Walt looked around the room with a sour-milk expression. Then he stood up and read a letter from a man in Florida who owned a few shares of Disney stock. The man said how much he enjoyed Disney movies, then added, "I don't care if I ever get any dividends. You just keep up the good work and keep making good pictures." Walt put the letter down, looked around the room and said, "I wish this company had more shareholders like that one. He understands what Disney is all about. Now, it's been very nice to see all of you, but if you don't mind, I've got a studio to run." And he walked out, leaving his stockholders in stunned silence.


Roy never invited Walt to another stockholder meeting."



  • Fergy

    What does this have to do with Apple?

    • It was written when everyone was telling Apple how to spend their money for buyback/div. Apple is like Walt Disney, couldn’t care less about shareholders or its stock price. They are busy and concerned with actually running a business, not making other people monetarily rich.

  • Roger

    Nice story about Walt Disney. You made my day, Travis. I don’t need any dividend from Tim Cook, wish he would just buy back 5 – 10 % of AAPL shares, they’re really discounted by any standard.

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