minoxidil results

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BTC- Buy to Close


BTO - Buy to Open


OI - Open Interest


OI/Max Pain - My altered take on the original dollar value Max Pain theory. I use OI and a range. My studies have led me to use different data points. I call it OI/Max Pain.


Pinning - When a stock volleys back and forth on a strike closing at or near it. It must be noted: this is not manipulation. This is caused by a high volume of put and call buyers closing out their positions near the close of trading.


Risk Trade - Any type of trade that causes 100% loss or is binary in its outcome. An example would be selling a credit spread on the highest OI put/call strike. This money goes away forever if wrong. I really only consider credit spreads as risk trades.


STC - Sell to Close


STO - Sell to Open




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